Schneider 9″ DVD Headrests


The Schneider 9” Slide-Up Headrest DVD Player fits almost any car.

These Screens can Crosslink or play individually.


  • Safety
    • Australian Design Rule 22 Approved
    • Australian Design Rule 03 Approved
  • 9″ LED Digital Screen
  • Inc 2 X Wireless Headphones
  • Stylish Slide-Up design for DVD Reading
  • Compatible with DVD/MP4/VCD/CD/MP3/CD-4/CD-RW
  • AV inputs/Outputs & FM Transmitter
  • USB & SD Ports
  • Adjustable Pillars
  • Built in games with controller provided
  • In-built speakers with dual infrared output
  • Available in Grey/Black/Beige Leather


Schneider 9″ Slide-Up Headrests


  • 9″ LED Screen
  • Stylish Slide-up design for DVD reading
  • Compatible with DVD/MP4/VCD/CD/MP3/CD-4/CD-RW
  • AV inputs/outputs & FM Transmitter
  • USB & SD Ports
  • Adjustable pillars
  • Inc 2 x Wireless Headphones
  • Built in games with controllers provided
  • In-built speakers with dual infrared output
  • Available in Grey, Beige or Black Leather

opal activedvd installed



Unlike other headrests that remain a permanent feature of the car, the active headrests can be easily removed for safe storage. All that remains is the bracket that seamlessly sits under the headrests. Detach and reattach process is straight forward.


  • 10.1″ Touch Screen DVD Player X2
  • Removable for safe keeping
  • Suitable for cars with active headrests
  • Universal brackets fits most cars
  • Compatible with DVD/MP4/CD/VCD/CD-RW
  • FM Audio Transmitter
  • USB & SD Card Ports
  • Inc 2 X IR Headphones
  • In-Built Games
  • Slim line stylish design
  • High resolution TFT Screen
  • Backed by 3 years nation wide warranty

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