The AC3000 is a Vacuum Cruise Control, it is the first of the Professional Range of AUSCRUISE by AUTRON Cruise Controls. This Cruise Control is still operating on our superseded software platform so it does not have any new features.
This Cruise Control is designed to be Professionally installed, it can be installed to most vehicles and although it only offers the standard features of a Cruise Control its performance is better than other Cruise Control in the same price range. Stock of this model is limited and we do not plan to release another entry level product to replace it.


  • ECU  Speed pickup

  • SET  – Set cruise control to current speed

  • RES  – Resume Cruise control to previous speed

  • Resume speed memory even after ignition has been turned off

  • ACC – Hold down to accelerate under cruise control

  • DEC – Hold down to decelerate under cruise control

  • Tap Up Tap Down feature

  • Two colour indicator light on Stalk Switch.
    Green = Cruise ON and  Orange = Cruise ENGAGED

  • Available with either Left hand or Right hand Stalk switch.

  • Diagnostic Mode

  • On Road Calibration Mode

  • New O.E styled Three Solenoid Vacuum Actuator

  • Suits Most Automatic FWD, RWD and 4X4 Vehicles

  • Suits both Automatic and manual Transmission vehicles

  • Can be installed to older Carburettor vehicles with Optional Magnetic Speed pickup

  • Australian Designed

  • Electronics module manufactured in house on our state of the art SMT production line.

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