The BlackDeath Amplifier Range


VIBE Audio’s BlackDeath series is very well respected amongst serious dB drag and SPL competitors, and now VIBE have added a monstrous heavyweight amplifier to the range, The Reaper.

BlackDeath Bass 2 : The Reaper

The BlackDeath Bass 2, more commonly known as “The Reaper” is the biggest VIBE amplifier ever, both in size at over 3 foot long and in power output- At 18v DC the Reaper is capable of with 14,500 w RMS @ 1Ω making it the ideal choice for those who want to become serious competition contenders.

BlackDeath Bass 1

The BlackDeath Bass 1 is a heavyweight series amplifier for competition or killer street bass, brutal performance taken to extreme levels.

The highly efficient Class GH power supply provides the clean sound quality of Class AB, but with the efficiency comparable to Class D. Class GH technology means that the BlackDeath Bass 1’s dampening factor is 20 times better than Class D with 20 times less Distortion and very low EMI radiation.

The multispeed fan control allows efficient cooling of internal components even when handling extreme power. Clipping detection influences the fan speed and is displayed on the panel lighting for diagnostics checks.

VIBE has invested in some of the most advanced, cutting edge amplifier protection circuitry for the BlackDeath Bass 1. The thermal, short circuit, reverse polarity and overvoltage protection circuitry is all microprocessor controlled with diagnostics available from the Bass 1’s LED error display.

BlackDeath Stereo 4

Deliver deadly power to your audio install with the BlackDeath Stereo 4. Capable of 4x 175watts RMS at 2Ω and a peak power of 1400watts this amplifier will take your audio install to the next level.

The Class AB amplifier is designed for superior audiophile sound quality with low noise and minimal distortion. An active crossover network, with both low pass and high pass filters help deliver a clean signal to your speakers free from unwanted audio frequencies.

The amplifier’s MOSFET Power allows high switching speeds and greater stability than other FETs to improve overall performance.

Cutting edge thermal, short circuit, reverse polarity and overvoltage protection circuitry will safeguard the BlackDeath Stereo 4 against damage even when handling extreme power.

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